LO in the Third Sector LO13212

Virginia I. Shafer (vshafer@azstarnet.com)
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 21:50:47 -0700 (MST)

Replying to LO13118 -- (also to LO13122)

John Suggs requested:

>I am part of a group working on ways to incorporate lo concepts within the
>third sector (i.e. non-profit, NGOs, voluntary orgs, Faith-based,
>community-based orgs and/or community organizing groups) in order to help
>create and strengthen their Social Capital. If anyone could suggest
>possible resources currently addressing this subject area, I would be most

And it was echoed by Tony DiBella.

I don't have specific resources to cite, but I get a mailing from
Jossey-Bass Publishers listing books all about public sector
organizational issues. Targeted for the non-profit organization, many of
the works deal with issues of empowerment, accountability, and leadership.
If my memory serves me right, there have been case studies as well. Does
anyone have the 1-800 number for Jossey-Bass handy?


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