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Tom, you are indeed fortunate, I've been trying to locate a copy of
"Eupsychian Management" to purchase for some years now.

My first exposure to some of the concepts mentioned in the book was in
school in the late 60's. I was fascinated by his description of the
elimination of supervision at a manufacturing facility near San Diego,
Ca.(forerunner of self-directed work teams?) and of establishing more
direct lines of communication between operating and maintenence crews. At
the time, I worked as an operator in a large power generating station in
So. Calif.

I could see the value then of management persuing some of these goals and
I am, to this day still, waiting for management to try something that is
really in their own best interest.

One of my favorite chapters is 10, p.44: "Notes on Self-Esteem in the Work

A couple of chapters appear in "The Farther Reaches of Human Nature," I
think it's still in print.

The complete text of "Eupsychian Managament" is available online at:

Another book that you may enjoy is: "Scenes From Corporate Life" by
Earl Shorris, 1981, Penguin Books

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