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This year we implemented at our company a plain old bulettin board for
which we have a monthly theme. People are welcome to post their ideas,
comments, questions, feelings or whatever they feel like posting about the
month's theme. In January we had simplicity as theme, in February the
theme was discipline, in March it was balance between human and technical
and the theme for April is innovation. At the end of the month we get
together for a couple of hours and wrap up the month's theme. It's been a
very simple, fun and effective vehicle for learning.

I'd like to ask for any ideas or suggestions on how to measure innovation
at an individual level. There's plenty of measures and references on
measuring innovation at a business unit or corporate level. But I haven't
find many references on how to do it at an individual level. What does it
mean to say that one person in innovative in her/his immediate realm? I'd
like to answer this question to later try to observe whether there's any
relationship between innovation and optimism (which is "easier" to measure
using Martin Seligman's test in "Learned Optimism". Alfred Knopf. NY.

Thanks for all your imputs.


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