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There is an 8 step model of adoption of innovations that goes:

awareness, interest, comprehension, commitment, skill building,
retention/reinforcement, action, and continuation/maintenance

that has been shared in its development by sociologists such as Everett
Rogers at Stanford and other schools and by psychologists such as William
[please fill in the blanks - my Alzheimer's is kicking in]. This is
combined with persuasive communications for designing interventions

Larry Green at the University of British Columbia's Health Promo- tion
Research and Development Center has applied to model to health

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> I'd like to ask for any ideas or suggestions on how to measure innovation
> at an individual level. There's plenty of measures and references on
> measuring innovation at a business unit or corporate level. But I haven't
> find many references on how to do it at an individual level. What does it
> mean to say that one person in innovative in her/his immediate realm? I'd
> like to answer this question to later try to observe whether there's any
> relationship between innovation and optimism (which is "easier" to measure
> using Martin Seligman's test in "Learned Optimism". Alfred Knopf. NY.
> 1991).


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