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> So, my questions revolve around what are the
>core values of systemic training and how might someone train others to
>think and learn systemically.
>I suspect it is more than just drawing causal loop charts though I imagine
>that is a start.
>Does anyone know of resources (books, articles, people or other media) I
>should expose myself to? So, far I've turned up little.


My suggestions would be

Redesigning the Future by Russell Ackoff, (1974) John Wiley & Sons pub.
ISBN 0-471-00296-8 - This is the theory

The Knowledge Creating Company by Nonaka & Takeuchi, (1995) Oxford
University Press ISBN 0-19-509269-4 - These are some Business Models

Systemic Training Program Design by Sallie Gordon (1994) PTR Prentice
Hall, ISBN 0-13-100389-5 -- This is the Practice

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