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> So, my questions revolve around what are the core values of systemic
>training and >how might someone train others to think and learn
> I suspect it is >more than just drawing causal loop charts though I
>imagine that is a start.
>Does anyone know of resources (books, articles, people or other media) I
>should >expose myself to? So, far I've turned up little.

Many responses have already been sent to this inquiry. I have not see any
yet that mentioned people or other media. Works of fiction, poetry, song,
biography, and great speeches also seem to be missing. And what about the
effect of myth and legend?

If you can find the places and times where systems thinking occurred and
was chronicled then you will have a great list to read. If you compile a
list of great inspirational works then you will have a great list as well.
If you study influential teachers in history you will have a good list.
If you study the art of war you will find great ideas. If you study the
art of peacemaking you will find even more.

But most importantly, teaching someone else to think and learn
systematically may require you learn what they know rather than the


Lon Badgett

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