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Thomas Benjamin (BENJAMIN@fac.irm.ernet.in)
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 11:21:50 +0500 EST

Replying to LO13231, more specifically the following quote by Thomas
Struck "Taking this the question, what is good or what is the truth is
wrong. The question has to be what is better or what is closer to the

Yes and No. IMHO:

The problem in responding to this question, about truth, is that truth or
goodness is an infinity from our mortals grasp. For instance, Jesus said,
I am the truth. For those who have accepted that statement, the
difficulty is to specify it. All the saints who have lived and will live
may not be close to arriving at an understanding of what that truth is
(specification). Yet, if the persuit is towards attaining that goodness,
then the above statement(T.Stuck's) is valid. We limit ourselves to the
specification of truth. The energy in the concept of LO is in the fact
that neither(the specification of truth and persuit towards that
specification) need be static.

In organisational lives, vision, quality etc, can probably be treated

Sorry, if I have become too philosophical. I am unable to form this
message differently now.

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