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Re Message LO13253. Bob Williams wonders about the frustrations for the

Bob - Did you intend to say that the facilitator "controls" the process?
Surely the group are responsible for both process and content with the
facilitator's help/ This seems to me to be a typical issues which has no
easy resolution. The group can "blame" either the process or the
facilitator - or the conference room or the weather!! They need to move on
to think about why they did not come up with the list of issues more
quickly themselves but that is difficult in what may be their early

Did they indeed come up with the right list of issues? If so, then
something was achieved!! I am reminded of the Chinese proverb (they are
all Chinese and proverbs if we don't know where they came from) -

A leader (facilitator) is best when people barely know he exists.
When his/her work is done, his aim is fulfilled.
They will say - we did this ourselves.

Peter Jones

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