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Fri, 18 Apr 1997 09:41:40 -0700

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>Re Message LO13253. Bob Williams wonders about the frustrations for the

>Did they indeed come up with the right list of issues? If so, then
>something was achieved!! I am reminded of the Chinese proverb (they are
>all Chinese and proverbs if we don't know where they came from) -

> A leader (facilitator) is best when people barely know he exists.
> When his/her work is done, his aim is fulfilled.
> They will say - we did this ourselves.

>Peter Jones

Peter, I couldn't agree with you more. I use the same technique when
unsure of a source :-)

The lines you quote are taken from a poem entitled "Leadership". Of
course, the author escapes me now (Russian I beleive), but it hung on my
office wall for a long time. It is short, concise and meaningful. Thanks
for reminding me of it.



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