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In a message dated 97-04-12 02:17:12 EDT, Terri Deems write:

> Just more instances of how little
> (any?) of what we know today as tqm, or even the learning organization, is
> actually new or different than what many others, over the centuries, have
> tried to have recognized in practice (I recently ran across something that
> accused Senge of being a "fraudulent thinker" because he doesn't cite the
> social history or radical thought which influenced his 5th Discipline
> work).

Dear Group: A very good term, I think, "fraudulent thinker." I am always
dissappointed when the ideas of Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology
(individu um means "that which cannot be divided") are "stolen" (by people
like Covey, Senge, and others) without credit to him. To live well within
ourselves, I think it is good to be humble enough to state that we are
currently seeing the world as if, I think Albert Einstein said, "...on the
shoulders of giants." And yes, I agree, that Maslow's book is a rich
source of ideas that apply today and will in the future. Warm regards,

David L. Hanson, Ph.D.
Synergistic Psychology Associates, P.A.
Charlotte, NC


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