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Rick has suggested I introduce myself on first contact on this listserve.
My name is Peter Fullerton. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I've spent
many years in corporate OD roles, and have struggled in my personal life
and in organisational settings with giving flesh to the principles of the
learning organisation. The next step in that journey was for me to leave
the financial security of corporate employment, but also to caste off the
psychic labour that I found organisational life inevitably involves , and
set up my own business. I am now an independent consultant ("midwife" -
from other listserve conversations - fits also) and have an informal
network arrangement with nine other independent consultants: we sometimes
work together, and share our lear ning and experience and materials. I
work with groups in organisations around issues and practice in learning
and organisational change, alignment and integration. My business has
been going for a few of months only. It's exciting and scary simultaneou
sly, but feels more connected. I hope I can be honest and inquiring
enough to live my new commercial life and to work with clients/partners
according to the principles and values which I hold dear.

I have come to the LO listserve via the Berkana Conversations online
experiment currently underway.

Replying to LO13174:

> I would like to distribute a list of suggested
>reading and I would like to get suggestions from all of you. If you had to
>suggest one book for reading what would it be? (Mine would be Leadership
>and the New Science!).

I have two suggestions:

* Larry Hirschhorn, "The workplace within: the psychodynamics of
organizational life", MIT Press (first published, I think, in 1990), ISBN

* Kenwyn Smith & David Berg, "Paradoxes of group life", Jossey-Bass, 1987,
ISBN 1-55542-046-X



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