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"Reality is a crutch" I learned from the "fence," a public grafetti forum
at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in the mid-60's. The fence
surrounded a University building site and people/groups used it as a
forum. An enterprising artist took pictures of the fence panels and did
prints which looked like an enlarged set of contact prints.

We never seem to get out of Philosphy 101, which may be the key to
learning. On the subject of the learning organization I would suggest
that "organization" is a manifestation of learning. In my view, creation
comes first, then you have evolution. Thought to action, the manifestation
of the universe began with the first yes, the first on, if all creation is
based on the binary model, it is all code.

The universe, as an entirely open system of infinate possibilities.
Consciousness builds legoes, and then the legoes are used to build higher
order, more complex realities. This is the spirit of creation which imbues
all. It may be a goal to create stability, to put a governor on the motor
so that there is a playing field, allowing higher creativity.

Success is staying in business and having joy, or not having joy, as is
the concensus of the creators and sustainers of any particular flavor of
reality. Language is a tool, and as Korsybski noted "The map is not the
territory." We develop conventions for reality which serve to create a
playing field.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs might be a true expression of the
relationships of all systems - human beings, a discrete individual
learning organization based on millions of years - the relative measure of
our base planet completing one orbit around its star.

All organizations learn or they couldn't be organizations. Those that like
stability may learn the same lesson over and over, but other organizations
may make other choices or be forced to do so by events in their
environments and have to change.

This is all offered in the spirit of creativity and fun. The play of
ideas. The executive summaries found in the various sacred training
manuals and used as proverbs focus thinking. Often I find them incomplete.
"There's nothing new under the sun." is one. Anything that looks new might
be traced to some primodial relationship. But maybe, the new stuff is
behind the sun, over the sun, in the dark areas eclipsed by the sun. Its
not that there is nothing "new," but only that you won't find it under the

Then there's, "When the leaders lack vision, the people perish." Sounds
true, but today you might edit that to, "When the leaders lack vision, the
people get their own vision - get new leaders, become their own leaders."

Since books are often recommended here, I offer for the purpose of brain
stretching the current book, "Converstions With God" by Neale Donald
Walsch - G.P. Putnam's Sons It provided my mind with a challenging
framework for life in the relative creation discussion.

I emjoy language and have been for some time intrigued by the similarity
between "no" and "know." When a parent tells a child "no" they are sending
the executive summary of some life learning. To teach a child not to play
in the street a simple, loud, strong "No!" is given. The long form is
perhaps, "Child if you knew the risk to you because you are small, cannot
be seen and vehicles which can take your life will may do so you must
exercise extreme caution when your body crosses a boundary and you get
into a street. In fact, anytime you see a vehicle, car, truck, whatever -
exercise extreme caution for if you collide with one, your body is
threatened great harm and I do not want to see you be hurt or injured."

As learners we might as well hear "know" instead of "no" and trusting the
source, be alert to "risk."

Got too go. Brevity is a virtue I'm working on.

Peace Dynamic - Tom Christoffel


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