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On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, GSCHERL wrote:

> Ok, here comes my viewpoint... today!
> Technology has been changing and evolving so rapidly over the last
> few hundred years, it has always been before the human side of things.
> When the Fax first came out (new technology), no one took any notice.
> As people started using it, the fax has changed how business and
> organizations worked. Same with the phone, the internet, television
> and digital satellite technology... only the early adapters grasp the
> technology when it is first introduced, and when the masses start
> using it, then it changes organization.
> There is a wave starting, IMO, where the human condition is starting
> to evolve and adapt faster than technology can keep up. People are
> taking on a 'continuous learning' attitude and stretching the
> resources and capability of technology (ie: Internet) and the
> technology is straining to keep up and improve fast enough.
> This is why a learning organization is a must as we move into the 21st
> century!
> The limits humans have always placed on ourselves are disappearing,
> and we realize we are capable of anything we decide to do.

I don't know about other people, but I feel comfortable with the new
technology. In fact, I think that the technology is actually catching up
with our potential, rather than the reverse. I think "just-in -time"
information and communications is great. The issue of technology in many
ways is not in the technoloy itself, but in the human use of it. It can
be beneficial or destructive, depending on your motivation and acitons.
Yet, I think that what it is forces upon us is to be more honest and
straightforward, which ultimately will be a good thing.

Ed Brenegar


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