Organization follows Technology ? LO13334
21 Apr 1997 23:33:36 EDT

Replying to LO13313 --

Hi all

I vote that it is people who create technology. I vote that people
identify a need before new technology is introduced. I vote that the
driver of any and all technology changes are people.

I know I talk with people and read about people who are changing their
organizations and business processes to be compliant with leading edge
technology and other technology that is beneficial to them or their
business. We must keep in mind that someone, somewhere, somehow, had
the foresight to recognize a need for that technology.

To me, learning organizations is a term we are currently using to
describe something that has always been there. I would like to pose a
question. Do organizations learn differently from people? Keep in
mind an organization is made up of unique people and technology. A
slight rephrase of the question. Do we really learn any different than
we did yesterday?



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