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I am Robb Most and I have enjoyed this active and informative listserv. I
relate to the learning organization in several ways.

I first dug into Peter Senge's work a few years ago when I developed a
multirater feedback instrument based on the learning organization model.
I built it for Hewlett-Packard and it has done moderately well. It is
called Developing the Leader Within (DLW) and is based on the idea of
developing yourself and your personal visioning first, your relations with
other next (listening, dialog, etc.), your system thinking, and finally
your effectiveness with a group (group visioning, teamwork, etc.). If you
are interested, I could write more about the DLW.

Since this is a bio, I should tell you a little about myself. I was a
Consulting Psychologists Press (publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type
Indicator, California Psychological Inventory, Strong Interest Inventory)
for 10 years in various roles, mainly head of R&D. When I left, I bought
a number of instruments to start my own business, Mind Garden. Since then
I have done several multi-rater projects besides the DLW (competencies,
mentoring). My best known instrument is the Multifactor Leadership
Questionnaire (MLQ) which has great validities, evidence of organizational
effectiveness, and cross-cultural and cross organizational application.
Bernard Bass wrote a great article about it in the February '97 Issue of
American Psychologist.

I use Senge's concepts in running my own business which is now getting Web
oriented. We have the MLQ up as a leadership development system on a Web
site (eventually but you can see a
demonstration at We are also
developing a competency based career development system for a large
software company.

I believe that the leadership Website relates to learning-org because it
is a "continuous learning system" on the Web. Rather than a one-shot
workshop with a development plan at the end, this system allows people to
work on their leadership and do new development plans over time. When
they come back to the site their multirater results are their to refer to
and they can add raters or take the MLQ over again as they develop. There
is a host of information and tips for development and once a development
plan is structured, the person receives daily email of ideas to develop
their leadership. If you look at the site, please give me your reactions.
This is a new concept and I am learning and changing the system with each
person I talk (or email) to about it.

Thank you all for your input, I have learned a great deal from reading
your postings.

Robb Most
Mind Garden


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