Web based HR or I/O tools? LO13320

Robert Most (Bobmost@msn.com)
Sun, 20 Apr 97 13:14:21 UT

Dear Orglearners,

The purpose of this post is that I just attended the annual Society for
Industrial and Organizational Psychologists meeting. There was a lot of
interest in Web-based HR or I/O tools. Nancy Rotchford held a workshop on
online applications in the field. She will be holding another workshop
next year but even more Web-based. She is trying to find practitioners
within organizations that have experience in using the Web technology to
leverage their skills (preferrably Industrial Organizational
Psychologists). Who is using the Web within their organization?

Thank you for reading this message if it does not apply to your interests.

Robb Most
Mind Garden


"Robert Most" <Bobmost@msn.com>

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