Large Scale Skill Update Sessions LO13322

Norrie Silvestro (
Sun, 20 Apr 97 20:01:09 UT

I would welcome some advice on how to design an effective process for a
menu of short (45-60 minutes) skill based conference sessions for 300
healthcare Clinicians and Managers. (I am aware of how ambitious this

The workshop focus will update strategic and operational issues and a
choice from a menu of the following skills: Coaching, Facilitating,
Teamworking, Conflict Management, Stress Management, Problem-Solving.
(BTW these topics are generated from recent internal work to review our
Performance Management system and an organisational wide staff attitude

I would also welcome any suggestions of recommended consultants in the UK
who have a track record with this type of event.

Please contact me direct to my email address and I'll summarise the
relevant info back to the list.

Norrie W Silvestro


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