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Mon, 21 Apr 1997 20:34:21 +0100

Hi, everyone!

I join this group as what you may call an enthusiastic amateur...

Over the past few years I have been working for a major global IT/Telco
company in training and development roles, both here in the UK and at the
corporate HQ. I've wrestled with culture change, teamwork and
empowerment. I've tried to see if one size can really fit all when it
comes to developing (and *transferring*) core competencies within and
between an international salesforce. I've risked RSI looking at ways to
utilise the web for knowledge management and transfer. But then, I guess,
coming originally from a sales and marketing background, I had little
chance of success.

However - I am always keen to learn myself - especially since I am now
between jobs I want to keep my mind on the ball. And two questions come
immediately to mind having taken a peek at this archive:

1. We always talk a lot about management commitment - "walking the talk"
and so forth. How do we *really* make it happen and achieve the change in
behaviour that we desire.

2. Following on - are we talking about learning new behaviours, or
unlearning old ones? In times of stress, downsizings, increased
competition, need for bottom line results in the short term, etc., etc.,
aren't we all guilty of falling back on old familiar behaviours, and
aren't these behaviours likely to have been learned in multi-layered
corporate behemoths where command and control was all there needed to be?
Is the focus too much on crying out for the behaviours we want, when we
should really be coaching people to let go of the behaviours we don't want
(culture change and learning by stealth)?

- Or am I looking at this too simply?

Comments welcome!

Terry Hodgetts


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