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> Peter Jones quoted
> > A leader (facilitator) is best when people barely know he exists.
> > When his/her work is done, his aim is fulfilled.
> > They will say - we did this ourselves.

This concept became clear to me as I started my current position as
Maintanance Supervisor here at UI nearly 5 years ago. I came across a
little paper back called "The Tao of Leadership". What this smiple but
profound philosophy teaches is to watch the patterns of interaction at
work within the systems, and work with them rather than aganist them. The
system I walked into never had a leader and it was very disfunctional. I
began to spot the natural leaders in the given areas. And self organizing

After four years of some very difficult days, the unit began to run
smoother. And then they said "we did this ourselves." and my position is
on the chopping block (if not my neck). This would have been great as an
outsider, but as an insider, one can work themselves out of a job. If I
were single, I would not be so angry. But with a family, a dog, and
morage, loosing a job because you were sucessful is disheartening.

But were going move and I will finished up this Ph.D. that I've only been
working at part-time. And I it will feel great to leave this headache of
job. I've learned alot.


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