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> Subject: Generating Organizational Creativity LO13330
> I am trying to change our organization to be more supportive of generating
> creativity and innovation thought out functional areas. Does anyone have any
> ideas?
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Here are a couple of suggestions...

- Change is easier when it is not seen as definitive.. present new ideas
as being pilot projects and not wholesale change.. reinforce the idea that
if things do not work better, you can always revert back to the old way
once you have given the new approaches a chance.

- Change occurs when there is tension.. and thus look for groups who are
under stress and looking for solutions to be possible early adopters..

- Change occurs when it is done in little steps.. not large ones... so
look for small changes first.. build trust in the idea that change is

- Most organizations are full of personalities who do not like change..
they have become successful in the world of the production model and thus
see change as a distruption to an efficent process... One of the best ways
to insert innovation is through new blood... blood that may not fit the
particular production model.. I am a avid user of tools that help select
out those that are innovators... keep in mind that these sorts of
individual may not last long in an organization which is product

Just some thoughts...


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