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At 15:35 21-04-97 -0700, Ben wrote:
>In 1993 the United States invested $200 billion in information technology,
> that
>technology has done little to improve the productivity of the workplace.
>that technology has had only
>a minor impact on white collar productivity.

Let me share with you the winning differentiator - the technology that you
buy must enhance the relationship to the customer. All other technology
purchases are red herrings. An example that comes to mind are ATMs. ATMs
were around for a decade plus before they took off, and they languished
because they were originally installed as a substitute for a relationship
instead of an enhancement of a relationship.

I've not been on the listserv of late as we're consumed in the support of
an organization acquiring automotive dealerships and adding value beyond a
mere consolidation strategy. The key differentiator for all technology
initiatives is the ehancement value of the relationship to the customer.
And yes, some systems thinking would be appropriate to insure that the
organization is properly identifying its customers perceptions of value
and how that value is delivered to the customer.

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