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My perspective on this is. . .

In 1993 the United States invested $200 billion in information technology,
with an annual growth rate that is out of this world (I forget what it is,
but it's unbelievable). Nobel Laureate, Lester Thurow observed that
technology has done little to improve the productivity of the workplace.
Steven Roach, of Morgan and Stanley has said that technology has had only
a minor impact on white collar productivity. (I happen to believe, more or
less, both of these positions because of the personal experience I have
had working at Novell and helping large organizations integrate

If the previous statements are true -- or at least close to the truth --
then technology has done little to improve business. It follows, then,
that technology should not drive an organization. In fact, I believe
that a businesses quest for a technological solution (or for a
technologically driven change) is symptomatic of deeper business and
organizational challenges. Hence the need and use of systems thinking. .


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