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Replying to LO13326 --

Kent Myers, in replying to Star Trek - The Learning Challenge LO13326
had a great scenario and obviously knows the show. Good stuff!

And I can see teh activity having a crisis situation, after an initial
description is given, which forces small teams from throughout the
Enterprise to go off to gather data about the various aspects of the
problem. Problems are thus attacked from different directions and will
probably give rise to alternative solutions.

What would be the reaction of most groups when one team, collecting
(downloading and analyzing data in hand-held PDS's (digital assistants))
and then uploading data that was not "owned" by certain other groups,
would propose a non-obvious but probably correct solution? How might
the system of sharing information impact the communications,
collaboration and decision-making outside of the simulation?

One of the interesting aspects of all of these Star Trek missions is the
general lack of competitiveness among the core cast -- they are seldom
directly competing against each other. But in "real life" this type of
competitiveness is probably more the norm.

I think a clear vision and goals helps a bunch. (So does a team of
writers with the need to resolve the dilemma within the parameters of a
show!). But, as Kent points out, information is necessarily filtered as
it moves up through the system, positive intentions or not.

So, the leadership of Kirk versus the leadership of Picard would drive
different kinds of teamwork. Interesting. All else being constant,
we'd get different outcomes from all the other systems and parameters.
And it Kirk a better processor of raw data than Picard? What behaviors
does that drive in the organization?

And when Kirk's competence is challenged by other data, how might people
in a team situation react?

For the FUN of It!

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