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>I believe that a businesses quest for a technological solution (or for a
>technologically driven change) is symptomatic of deeper business and
>organizational challenges. Hence the need and use of systems thinking. .

Any suggestions on how to get this through to people? I've been serving
as consultant to a few businesses on IT strategy, and I find few managers
think deeply about why they want technology. One person asked how an
Internet connection could help him manage better. I thought about it and
told him that I didn't think it could. Any information he could get over
the net, he could get by calling a reference librarian or the like. Yeah,
it would take longer, but here's the critical question:

If it's not worth the extra time/expense of collecting the
information by picking up the phone, is that piece of information worth
enough to justify an Internet connection and the attendant time spent on
maintenance, Web surfing, etc.?

In my experience, information access is less of a problem than people
knowing how to use the information to make good decisions once they have
it. :-)

- Stever
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