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Mnr AM de Lange (AMDELANGE@gold.up.ac.za)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 15:41:19 GMT+2

Carold Whisnant wrote on 12 Apr in LO13198

> I have some difficulty in using two powerful words like 'learning" and
> "trust" in the same sentence.
> These are not dependent concepts.

Dear organlearners,

Carold, I understand your position. When I discovered the clear message of
the bible on trust, namely that we should trust only God, I had no idea
that trust and learning would be so intimately linked as I have set out in
my original contribution.

I clearly remember my great worry - how can I live without trusting
anything in creation. Would such a life not be immensely degrading and

But God can be trusted. I prayed that He should teach me how we can live
without having to trust anything else than Him. His ways of teaching us
are wonderful.

Today I know that entropy production is the source of all changes in this
universe, even the abstract world of mind. Entropy has to be produced by
force-flux pairs. The more the entropy needed, the stronger the force and
the swifter the flux. By accepting that nothing in creation can be
trusted, in contrast to what we hear from day to day in the world around
us, a force is generated of immense strenth. The ensuing chaos upon the
the entropy so created, is terrible. However, this chaos is necessary
before it can transform into order. That transformation is a paradigm
shift of immense proportions.

I can suggest a quite simple experiment to experience why you should not
trust anything in creation. Go into a desert, far away from any
civilisation, without any of the tools of civilisation, and try to live as
an animal of the desert (or like the San people in our country.) You will
soon discover two things:

1 There is nothing in the desert which you can trust.
2 Your previous learnings about life become vitally important.

Best wishes


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