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A new thread?

In gathering together an e-mail forum on Organising Creativity,
prospective participants were asked to include in their intro bios a
reason why they feel passionate about this topic. I thought you might like
to see a pot pourri of statements. No particular pattern - but then one of
the first surprise learnings for me (should it have been? ) is how diverse
and deep are the voices and demands associated with the word "creativity"
(indeed, I'm told this elusive word doesn't even exist in most non-English

Incidentally, I'd also like to ask : does anyone know of a book which
mixes the language of "learning organisation" and "creativity" seamlessly?
I was thumbing few the indices of several creativity books recently, and
extraordinarily few included "learning organisation"

Anyway, here's a small sample of Bio Passions of Organising Creativity:

"We started our company as a co-operative. Shares are distributed equally
every year to every employee - the chairman gets the same as the
receptionist. This is because we believe everyone can - if given the
opportunity - equally contribute to the creative process. We have tried to
dismantle every potential threat to creativity in an organisation :
hierarchy, fear, coercion, habit forming routine" Chairman of a
post-modern advertising agency

"I've recently completed a project in 132 American businesses in which I
demonstrated the homogeneity of personality phenomenon--tell me the
personality (as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Inidicator) and I can
pretty much tell you which of the 132 organizations in my sample the
manager works for!", Professor of Psychology

"I'd love to participate in this e-mail discussion group -- especially if
it has "practical takeouts" Manager in a high-tech company, but similar
words have been voiced by many practitising managers/leaders

"We are trained in such tools as Synectics, DeBono, Osborn-Parnes, but
what we think we really deliver is our broad base of business
understanding to help teams look at problems in new ways, function
together as a team and create solutions they never would have thought of
before" Employee of an Idea Laboratory

Chris Macrae
editor of Brand Chartering Handbook and MELNET

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