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Dear organlearners,

Richard Seel wrote on 14 Apr in LO13216

> The moral seems to me to be that even when the learning has been adequate
> at the rational level it may not be enough to effect major change.
> Something extra may be needed to enable a paradigm shift, and that extra
> may need to work on the non-rational or spiritual level. Without rational
> learning, appropriate change will not be possible but without the
> non-rational learning it may not happen.

Richard, while reading this paragraph, the concept of Klafki, namely the
"fruchtbare Moment" or fruitful moment came, to my mind. The breaking of
the bread provided the fruitful moment, linking that which were happening
before their eyes with the spiritual things which they were told about,
but did not understand.

The fruitful moment is major part of one of the seven essentialities of
creativity. A new creation cannot happen in the void. It has to emerge
from already existing creations. The existing creations have to make
effective contact for the emergence to happen.

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