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Daer organlearners,

Bob Williams wrote on 17 Apr in LO13253

> Just how do you respond when at the end of a process people say that they
> could have come up with that list of issues, ideas or solutions at the
> start ? :-)
> It is a common (if often unexpressed) viewpoint, when a "facilitator" has
> control of the process and the participants control of the content.
> However, I have also had it happen even when the people concerned have
> essentially controlled their own process


I think it all has to do with Michael Playani's concept of TACIT knowledge
(a person knows more that tha which the person have ever said in words!).
That which they vlaim to have known at the beginning is nothing else than
tacit knowledge ( major part of intuition).

However, they were never made conscious of the fact that it was tacit
knowledge, that they have an immense resource of tacit knowledge, how to
articualte this tacit knowledge and lastly, how to apply this tacit
knowledge. Facilitators and mangers will do much better if they as soon as
possible set this facit dimension of knowledge into operation.

Best wishes


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