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Dear organlearners,

Duru Ahanotu writes on 17 Apr in LO13289

> In retrospect, the thing that struck me about this experience was could I
> really call this faith in my abilities or a blind trust in my capacity to
> learn enough to handle the necessary tasks? At times I felt very stressed.
> I would call that the "blind trust" feeling since stress usually came out
> of feelings of self-doubt, regret, etc... and other erlated anti-learning
> emotions and feelings. At other times, I felt quite elated in my
> experiences as I came to new understandings of myself and the subject
> matter. I would call that the "faith" phase.
> Any thoughts...?

Yes, But I will keep it short.

Why do God want us to trust only Him and nothing else? Some get very
uneasy with this question, thinking that our dialgoue will develop in a
proselyting crusade. Be assured - I will not try to make anyone of you a
reborn christian - that is the work of the Holy Spirit. So let me
reformulate my question.

Of what value will it be to us if we accept as axiom of life that we
should not trust anything in this universe (creation)?

This axiom will become a major entropy producing force by which
we can promote our creativity. In order to understand the
previous sentence, we will have to accept the following axiom:
Entropy production is the primordial cause for all changes
in the universe (material and abstract)
as well as the following thesis as a definition for creativity:
Creativity is the result of entropy production.

Duru, what you have experienced, is the creativity which you already
possesed as well as what emerged during the excercise. Your anxiety and
the hectic phases of your work, for example, is typical of the first
manifestation of entropy production, namely chaos of becoming. On the
other hand, your elatedness, for example, is typical of the second
manifestation of entropy production, namely order of being.

You are a creature created to discover creativity and thus to show how a
creator becomes. This may be confused for trust in yourself, but it is in
fact very different to trust - it is creativity.

Thank you very much for so having described your feelings so clearly. It
allowed me to connect creativity and trust, and also helped me to explain
the consequences of entropy production.

Best wishes


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