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Duru (iqduru@leland.Stanford.EDU)
Thu, 17 Apr 1997 18:10:47 -0700 (PDT)

Replying to LO13126 --

On April 5, 1997 Edwin Brenegar III wrote...

"My initial faith-filled trust as a 17 year old would not be sufficient
today. I learned to trust, by learning to live by faith. That is a
loaded statement in our American relgious culture, and I mean it to be the
antithesis of the superficial, self-aggrandized form of faith which is
often seen in the media. "

After this you described writing a proposal for a highly important job for
which you feared your capabilities to actually handle the job.

I have had similar experiences, but the latest one has the most relevance
to this LO discussion. I recently completed a consulting job which landed
on my lap in a sense through word of mouth. At first I didn't think I
should take it due to my already hectic and busy schdule. Besides, I
didn't know whether I had the skills to do the top-notch work I require of

Call it faith, but I decided this could be one of the better learning
experiences I have had in a while. I interviewed and received the
assignment. The time for the project was compressed and at times the pace
was quite hectic. But in the end, I did indeed learn a lot and have placed
myself in a position to continue building on these experiences for more
challenging and even more exciting assignments.

In retrospect, the thing that struck me about this experience was could I
really call this faith in my abilities or a blind trust in my capacity to
learn enough to handle the necessary tasks? At times I felt very stressed.
I would call that the "blind trust" feeling since stress usually came out
of feelings of self-doubt, regret, etc... and other erlated anti-learning
emotions and feelings. At other times, I felt quite elated in my
experiences as I came to new understandings of myself and the subject
matter. I would call that the "faith" phase.

Any thoughts...?

Duru Ahanotu

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