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Sun, 4 May 1997 10:51:39 -0800

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Response to LO13384

It find it a very interesting (though it mayu be a frustrating
experience by the writer) experience of Benjamin B. Compton in
his posting in LO.
I wish to relate my experience too.

1.0 Initially I faced similar reaction, some turned into
personal attack on me, almost resulting in office
political bloodshed.
2.0 I learned, and I am still learning...
3.0 - "No label on anybody - lazy, stupid, resistance to change..
but try to understand the structural and systemic forces
that shape their behaviour and paradigm
4.0 Start from their ground, their perspectives, their logic,
their paradigm....using Chinese Arts of War "Know thyself,
know thy enermy (i.e. environment and targeted group of
people to work with), in hundreds battle, you win them all
(thrust you own vision, be creative and mature for win-win)
5.0 I use provative Thinking Tools (e.g. Edward de Bono's
PMI,.....) to provoke them to speak their mind (using
compliants, frustration, irritation etc. ) but those are
good starting point
6.0 Steer their thinking (learning) towards Business Process
and System of Operation.....

(some of the above are reflected in my artilces posted in
my homepage http://www.geocities.com/Athens/5621)

I welcome other input and ideas from LO members.



Andrew Wong Organisation Observer and Thinker Homepage http://www.geocities.com/Athens/5621 andreww@petronas.com.my

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