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Fri, 2 May 1997 03:30:28 +0100

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This is a very interesting case study( below), it resonates with my own
experiences, the point I make is somewhat tangental to this discussion but
I felt compelled to test it nevertheless.

I have just finished reading a book entitled "Why the machine bites back"
which is both a compendium and anlysis of this phenomenon called the
"revenge effect" i.e. benefits breeding complexity negating benefits while
producing a step change in capability. It seems there is something
profound underlying this process which seems intrinsically caught up in
systems theory e.g.growth processes, limiting processes and dampening
processes a la Senge.

I believe it is important (in order to elevate case studies from the
anecdotal) to delve into the underlying system architype at play in order
to distill core learning from real life "revenge effects".

Thus I would question whether the issue is one of measures for white
collar workers or whether the question is understanding the systemic
problems/challenges associated with IT and human performance.

David Mullins


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