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Tony Barrett (tonyb@RESNET.UIDAHO.EDU)
Mon, 5 May 1997 11:06:39 PST

Replying to Tony and Malcolm in LO13416 and Ben in LO13342,

I found both the comments on Ben's situation both thoughtful and also
limited. Like Malcolm, I too worked as a high school subsistitute teacher
while working my way through my master's degree. I found the students who
were not college bound thrived on being respected. Perhaps because they
didn't get much of positive regard outside of class. It could also be
they were aware they didn't know much. Healthy humility is an important
factor in learning something new. Tony D. points out the difference of
values. The slow students value learning and insecure students attempting
to show what they already know.

Ben, I have made the decision to leave my present job and I'm so much
happier. I haven't even left yet but the wheels are in motion. We have
put our house on the market and we put a bid on a much smaller house. I'm
going back to school full-time. It a big step but I have wonderful spouse
who sick of living with an unhappy person. She also works at the same
University and knows how dyfunctional this department can be.

Lastly, I have found it very time consuming to document the problems in
unit. It takes a" thick description" to really explain the detail and
dsyfunsion. I get the feelingthat Ben was blowing off some steam on a key
board not documenting his units problems.

Kind Regards,


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