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Carol Johnson (
Mon, 05 May 1997 14:25:30 -0700


I'm new to this list and sincerely hope I'll be able to tap into the
obvious expertise that lies within.

I have recently landed a dream job within a mid-size organization. We are
a very unique insurance company which serves only teachers (and their
families.) Strangely enough, though the company was created by teachers
to serve teachers, corportate learning, education and training has been
minimal. What existed has lacked structure or form. My mission (which I
most enthusiastically accepted) is to build a corporate-wide learning
structure. I have a lot of experience creating and conducting learning
programs in a corporate structure. That is not the area of question. I
am looking to this group to uncover how to begin building from scratch.
It feels like a HUGE lump of clay, ready to be molded, where is the true

Is there anyone else out there who has been in the same or similar
situation? Please contact me with some advise or assistance. THANK


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