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Carol Johnson (carol_johnson@weains.com)
Mon, 05 May 1997 16:11:44 -0700

During my secondary education, there were some very noteable experiences.
One that sticks out as very memorable (there are others - better suited
for other lists) was a challenge given by one of my math professors. He
asked the class to submit our definitions of truth. The reply I gave at
the time struck him, perhaps it will help you.

In my opinion, Truth is what is, whether you believe it or not.

Upon reading your submission, I will extend to you my definition of God as
well. God is what is or is not, because you believe.

While we all subscribe to the greater good of seeking and aquiring
knowledge through continuous learning. There are simply times where
learning is superceeded by believing. Logic takes second place and
understanding is not easily explained. We are left with our beliefs just
because we "know" it is so.

While I challenge people on a daily basis to get answers, use resources
and justify their positions. I also respect the occassional "just
because" that allows someone their personal identity.

Maybe someday there will be concrete answers to every question, I just
hope I never live so long to see it happen. Much of life's beauty is in
the wondering.

How was that for an esoteric response! I usually refrain from such deep
thought during the day. I'm worn out now! :) ~CJ


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