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>Ben quoted Peter Jones who wrote:
> > Two excellent HBR articles by Argyris:
> > Teaching Smart people How to learn - HBR May/June 1991
> > Good Communications that Blocks Learning - HBR July/Aug 1994
> The Ben wrote
... working with
> people who have no desire to learn. . .well, that drains me.
> Anyone know of any good stuff on how to help people with no desire to
> learn, learn to have a desire to learn?


There is short but thoughtful article in "Training and Development" (Dec
1996 pp20) entitled "Transforming Resistance" by Rich Maurer. He has a
book also "Beyond the Wall of Resistance: Unconventional Strategies that
Build Support for Change." He can be reached at:

I taught in the inner city high schools of Los Angeles County for 5 years.
I can tell you lots about resistance. It is very draining. But this
article rang true. It short, you must not resist resistance. Maurer
suggest one must embrace a student's resistance and understand why they
resist in the first. I have looked at his book but the article is a

Hope this helps Ben.



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