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Tony Barrett wrote:
> you must not resist resistance. Maurer suggest one must
> embrace a student's resistance --

This put me in mind (and reconfirms) a story from Connie Pedesto. Seems
when she was working as a high school teacher for the first time, she was
put in charge of the 'slow learning' class. As soon as she came into
class, she saw the ring leader... a guy who made wise cracks, swore, never
listened and was probably a hoodlum. The first day she decided to get
control, and she told him that if he acted up again she'd do something...
when he did act up, she went over and kissed him on the top of his head.
He cleaned up his act and really started paying attention from then on.
In fact, he even came across two guys trying to strong arm Connie, and
made them stop!

Tony's right. Resisting resistance is futile. Accept it with love and
see the resistance melt.

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