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Tue, 6 May 1997 09:47:02 -0400 (EDT)

Replying to LO13463 --

Chris writes about a training process in which:

The student interactively becomes the questioning examiner (if you will)
> Specifically, why not:
> -build up a web as a menu of reading/browsing tracks (learning appetisers)
> -ask the trainee to choose ...which of these interests him or her...
> -continue the learning in a post-tutored session e-mail group with the
> tutor as moderator

I think the concept is great and there is no doubt that improved resources
and a decreased emphasis on talking heads will change training. However,
what is the difference between this idea and the present system? The
learner is still fed what someone else feels is important. The
unknown/unknown is still not explored. Connections are mentored rather
than discovered. Personal growth is secondary to planned activity. The
learner is still dependent on expert advice. The "textbooks", although
numerous, are still limited by convention.

Lon Badgett
"It's a small world, which is probably the reason we bump into the same ideas
over and over."  Emil Gobersneke

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