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Yvonne DeVaughn wrote:
> I have been working on a project to identify a set of management core
> competencies for our organization. The competencies have been identified
> and defined, and we are now at the point of designing assessment tools for
> these competencies.
> Has anyone had experience with putting together self-assessment, or other
> types of assessment tools? Any ideas, articles, books that you can
> suggest would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hallo Yvonne

I've been working with assessment centre (from a competency based model
for some time now). There are two specialized areas : the design as well
as the running of assessments. Putting together an assesment is in the
end not actually all that complicated but due to the time that it takes
compels me to outsource it. Since I'm indirectly working for PepsiCo or
FritoLay (I'm the OD Manager for Simba South Africa), we're making use of
SHL quite extensively - you should know of them since they are UK based of

There are a fair amount of material available on assessment centres and
since that is your need let me give you some references :

1. Harvard Business Review, 48, 150-160 (Assessment Centers for spotting
future managers. by Byham, WC (1970)

2. Journal of Assessment Centre Technology, 2, 182-186 (The contribution
of exercise skill ratings to final assessment center evaluations. by
Neidig, RD & Martin, JC and Yates, RE (1979)

3. Journal of Applied Psychology, 77, 33-41 (An exercise design approach
to understanding assessment center dimension and exercise constructs. by
Schneider JR ans Schmitt, N (1992)

Dr Harold M Schroder is a well known international author and speaker with
regard to competencies and the use of assessment centers.

I might be in the UK in the next 1-2 months so if there is an opportunity
to share what we're doing and our learning experiences I'll be glad to
share it with you and / or your team - it all part of the learning
experience for all of us !

Best wishes and please provide me with a fax number so that I may be able
to send you some articles that I unfortuanately do not have on disk.

Emile J Bosman


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