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Wed, 7 May 1997 00:14:08 -0400 (EDT)

The Washington-Baltimore Center of the A. K. Rice Institute (WBC/AKRI)
proudly announces two of our annual Group Relations Conferences:

1. A non-residential conference on Diversity, Authority, and Leadership in
the Community and Organizational Life from a Social Systems Perspective.
May 30 - June 1, 1997 at Howard University, Washington DC, USA. This is
our Diversity Conference.

2. A residential conference on Authority, Leadership and Organizational
Life. August 1-6, 1997 at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA.
This is our Residential Conference.

Who Should Apply

Our Conferences welcome applicants from all fields who are interested in
exploring and furthering their understanding of diversity, authority,
leadership in organizational and community settings. Consequently, the
learning of the Conference is applicable for anyone who lives and/or works
in groups.

This announcement,,
provides basic information on these two conferences:

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For more information about the Howard Conference
The Howard Conference brochure is available at:

For more information about the Bryn Mawr Conference

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1. A Tavistock Group Relations Conference on Diversity, Authority, and
Leadership in the Community and Organizational Life from a Social Systems

Diversity in the year 2000: Are We Lost in the Stars?

May 30 - June 1, 1997
Howard University School of Law
2900 Van Ness Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008

Co-Sponsored by
The Washington-Baltimore Center of the A.K. Rice Institute,
Howard University Counseling Service
The American University National Training Laboratories Graduate Program

The aim of the Conference is to enable members to extend their awareness
of group and organizational processes, particularly in regard to the
issues of diversity, authority, and leadership. The Conference offers
opportunities that may help members recognize their own contributions to
these conscious and unconscious processes and take up their roles with
greater insight and effectiveness from a social systems perspective. Do we
continue to move toward a whole new world or are we lost in the stars?

Conference questions may be addressed to
Jennifer Jackson, WBC-AKRI
(202) 232-1621
Fee: $275

2. Group Relations Conference
Authority, Leadership and Organizational Life
to be held

August 1 - 6, 1997
Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA

This conference will function as a living laboratory in which members
experience and study, as they arise, group and institutional dynamics
characteristic of organizational life. Members and staff will work
together to identify and understand these forces. Their impact on work
groups and the conference as a whole will be studied. The educational
model is based on experiential learning; lectures and didactic
presentations are not components. Authority and leadership are intimately
interrelated to responsibility. Study of these concepts in such a
temporary learning organization often leads to reexamination of other
concepts such as task, role, boundaries, representation and delegation.
Integration of emotional life with the pursuit of work tasks can deepen
and enrich understanding. This conference offers:

A tested method built on a sound theoretical base

A powerful means for exploration and discovery

A dynamic staff including stars of this and the next generation of the AK
Rice Institute

A college atmosphere in which learning has the highest priority

An affordable experience

This is a residential conference in the "Tavistock" tradition. Space is
limited and applicants are encouraged to apply early. Full fee, including
room and board as well as all conference expenses, is $900. The facility
is air-conditioned. Very limited scholarship support is available and
targeted at increasing membership diversity. Discounts are available for
(1) early registration, (2) members of the A.K. Rice Institute, (3) full
time students, (4) groups of applicants from the same institution and (5)
for members who have attended another A. K. Rice Conference in the past

For further information or a brochure with application form (available by
mid May),


Tyrome (Ty) E. Smith
Conference Administrator
24644 Showbarn Circle
Damascus MD 20872
301 253 1496


Gabriel Manasse, MD
301 933-0615
( after June 1, 1997:

Bryn Mawr'97

A traditional Group Relations ("Tavistock") Conference, modeled after the
work developed by A. Kenneth Rice and his colleagues at the Tavistock
Institute of Human Relations in London, England. In this age of dramatic
change, new technlogies, and an increasingly diverse workforce,
understanding how leadership, authority and responsibility are enacted
(and avoided) in our institutions opens opportunities for achieving
greater impact and effectiveness. Most available management training deals
primarily with conscious interpersonal issues and business concepts. Group
Relations Conferences, in contrast, invite members to also consider the
unconscious forces found in all groups and institutions that often hinder
work and confound pursuit of task. As these become visible and
comprehensible, possibilities for change arise.

The workplace is changing rapidly; we cannot afford to be locked in our
old roles.

"To be honest, even as late as the night before, I considered bagging it
and taking the time off to be with my family, because I couldn't see it
being of that much use to me. On the way home on the plane I wrote in my
diary that this was one of most rewarding experiences I had had in years."
Ralph J. Koek, MD, Sepulveda VAMC & Associate Clinical Professor
(Psychiatry); UCLA, a first time member at the 1996 Bryn Mawr Conference.

This is the 32nd Residential Group Relations Conference sponsored by
Washington-Baltimore Center, a branch of the A. K. Rice Institute (AKRI).
AKRI is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to furthering the
understanding of group and institutional processes which influence work
within institutions.

The Executive Committee of the Washington-Baltimore Center consists of
Leroy Wells, Jr., Ph.D., President; Kendrick Lee, Secretary: Rene J.
Molenkomp, Ph.D., Treasurer; and Joseph L. Wright, AKRI Board of

Confirmed Conference Staff: Gabriel Manasse, M.D., Director; Zachery G.
Green,Ph.D., Associate Director; Tyrome Smith, Administrator;
John J. Knight, M.B.A.; Debra A. Noumair, Ed.D; Linda C. Powell, Ph.D.;
and Martha S. Waite, M.S.W.


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