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Replying to LO13508 --

You can still FAX an application to the May 30 - June 1 Group Relations
Conference at Howard University. The FAX number is: (202) 833 8300 and the
application form is at the end of this message.

The conference already has more than forty-five members and has room for
12 more. Besides an interesting staff composition, this conference has an
eight year history working on the topic of diversity. The effect of this
history on the current conference will be interesting. In addition to the
President of AKRI, the staff includes five current and past center
directors, and five fellows of AKRI. Your can get the bochure from
http://www.johnknight.com/akri/wbc/div97/index.html. Again the
application form suitable for FAXing is at the end of this message.

Given its history and staff composition, this conference offers a unique
opportunity to see the A. K. Rice model at full maturity. In sum, the
staff has almost 200 years of experience in this model. A number of
conference members are repeat participants.

BTW, http://www.human-nature.com/HRAJ/archive.html has articles on Group
Relations theory.

Diversity in the year 2000 Conference


Group Relations Conference on Diversity, Authority, and Leadership in

FOR OFFICE USE: _______ RECD. ________ PAID _______REF. _____ACCEPT.

Please return this form with the fee payable to
Washington-Baltimore Center, A.K. Rice Instituteor W-BC/AKRI to:
Jennifer Jackson, 1715 N St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036


*Phone:(H) (____) ____________________ (W) (____)_____________________
Home Address __________________________________________________________
*City ______________________________ State ________ Zip
*Name of Employing Organization or Affiliation
Work Address if
City ______________________________ State ________ Zip
**Sexual Orientation __________________ **Race/Ethnicity
**Occupation __________________________________________________________
**Other indicators of diversity such as class, physical challenge or
religious identity
** Brief Job Description
Previous A.K. Rice Conference Experience(s) (date/location)
A Reference letter will be forwarded by:
Name:__________________________ Phone (____)_______________________
Address ________________________________________________________________
City ______________________________ State ________ Zip
**Names of close associates who will attend this conference:

I have read the brochure for this Conference in detail and hereby apply
for membership. I understand that this brochure constitutes the contract
between myself and the sponsoring organizations, and that my application
authorizes the organizations to conduct the conference in the manner
described. My conference fee, or voucher accompanies this application. I
understand and agree to the policy as stated in the brochure with regard
to refunds.

____________ ____________________________________________
date signature
Application Checklist
Application form
This form is complete and mailed with:
Fee: $100 deposit to secure my place in the conference.
Full Fee: $275
check/money order
credit card (VISA only)
VISA acct. number:__________________________________exp. date _____
Reference letter will be written by:
For additional materials about Group Relations work, I have enclosed
money for the
following resource books:
Group Relations Reader I - $29.95 q Group Relations Reader II - $29.95
Other Publications
I would like to donate money towards the conference scholarship fund:
Contribution of $ ____________ to support other applicants

*This information will be circulated to members of the Conference.
**These items are requested for the purpose of forming groups.


John Knight <John@JohnKnight.com>

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