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Stever wrote
>My conclusion is somewhat different: I conclude it's a waste of your
>time to read my message, if it wasn't important enough to warrant a
>library phone call. Your reaction was "appreciating the commentary." My
>claim is that finding commentary that one can appreciate doesn't
>constitute a compelling business justification for using the Internet as
>a management tool.

My first response to this comment was,
"Yeah, why am I wasting my time reading these notes on these 'net lists?"

My second response was,
"Hey wait a minute -- I only go the library when I have a pretty good
idea of what I'm looking for. When I go to the _bookstore_, I may just
browse, looking for favorite authors or in favorite sections. But for me
the _library_ trip is generally pretty specific. And when I go to the
bookstore, I get the benefits of serendipity, just because I'm not that
narrowly focused."

Maybe we just use the library differently.

In some ways, subscribing to a 'net list (as a specific example of using
the internet) is like getting on an elevator in an office building or
eavesdropping in the cafeteria: there's just no telling what you're
likely to hear -- or when it might prove useful. But I do tend to pay
more attention to some contributors (note the _value_ connotation of
'contribution' versus 'writer') and some subjects / blinking words.

Of course, I can't spend all of my time riding elevators, either!

Michael A

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