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At 04:03 pm 4/27/97 +0000, you wrote:
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>I would never have seen your comments without the Internet.
>I happen to disagree with your assessment, but I appreciate the
>I would not have gone to a reference library to find it.


Both of us agree that you only found my message because of the net. Had
it required a call to a reference librarian, you would never have read it.

I get the sense that you're concluding "therefore, the net is a good thing
because it lets me access things I wouldn't access otherwise."

My conclusion is somewhat different: I conclude it's a waste of your time
to read my message, if it wasn't important enough to warrant a library
phone call. Your reaction was "appreciating the commentary." My claim is
that finding commentary that one can appreciate doesn't constitute a
compelling business justification for using the Internet as a management

[Though this whole exchange *has* convinced me that the net can be used to
dialog with far away people about things that otherwise wouldn't get
discussed. I'm sure that translates into managerial advantage somewhere.
I'm still not sure that it translates into "enough" advantage to warrant
an internet connection for a manager who didn't have one before.]

- Stever

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