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My daughter is graduating from high school in a month and she is not only
a poor speller but she doesn't have a good grasp of grammar, such as "its"
vs. "it's". She also writes both run-on sentences and non-sentences.
After years of frustration with the schools and her mother, who is an
elementary-level teacher, I am just beginning to sense that she is
learning how important good language skills are. She is extremely bright,
but I'm afraid it will be a painful path as she learns in college what she
should have been taught in grammar school. There's a reason it used to be
called "grammar" school.

There's just no substitute for knowing how to use the tools.

>Rick Karash wrote in LO13573:

>Mike, if the school's draconian measures work, then it will have been
>worth it. If not, I hope your son is able to shrug off the experience and
>go with his strengths.


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