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Carol Sager (
Mon, 12 May 1997 15:11:48 -0400

Work Ethic and knowledge management will be the focus of our next
Networking for Knowledge (NFK) meeting which will be held 7 PM, Fri.
5/16/97 in the Boston area (please call for location).

At our last (NFK) meeting which focused on knowledge creation and
intellectual asset management. Some questions that surfaced: Who has the
Knowledge? In times where the promise is employability rather than
employment, Who is responsible for knowledge management? Performance
improvement? Building learning?

If you can attend our NFK meeting 5/16, please RSVP ASAP.

NFK is sponsored by the Critical Linkages II Newsletter. For more
information on NFK, how the LO list was our springboard,our principles,
and progress to date, please click on the site below and see the

FYI the 9/97 issue of the Critical Linkages II Newsletter will be a
mega-issue addressing knowledge creation and intellectual asset
management. Some space is available on a first come basis for readers to
share ideas--with a full by-line, if selected.

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