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Replying to LO13557 --

Replying to LO13557 and other reading listers - is anyone game for some
interactive book clubs?

In LO13557, Debby Roth mentions one of my favourite LO books by Argyris
(her comment is appended)

I have been wondering whether there are enough of us who feel passionately
about particular books to be interested in forming e-mail book clubs to
discuss a specific title. That way we could build on the book's community
of learning, as well as provide occasional report backs to the whole LO

[Host's Note: You are very welcome to discuss right here books that are
relevant to our topic of organizational learning. I suggest you mention
the book title in the subject line. ...Rick]

Organisational Learning 2 left me with several questions that I have
always wanted to debate with some of other readers. So while I don't think
I'd make the best moderator for this book club, I'd certainly be delighted
to act as secretary to see if enough readers e-mail me to demand this
interactive book club.

Previously my own reading list recommendation was Vince Barabba's "Meeting
of the Minds". If I was the first to nominate that then I'd happily be
moderator if anyone wants to make an interactive book club out of that

Chris Macrae, e-mail

Extract of LO13557:

>METHOD, AND PRACTICE. Addison-Wesley Series on Organizational
>Development. 1996.
> Haven't read this yet, but it comes highly recommended by one
> of my PhD committee members at Cornell. The 8-page Preface is a
> great introduction to the field and its development. The book
> has 4 Parts: I. An Introduction to Organizational Learning,
> II. Defensive Reasoning and the Theoretical Framework that
> Explains It, III. Inquiry-Enhancing Intervention and Its
> Theoretical Basis, and IV. Strengths and Weaknesses of
> Consultation and Research in the Field of Organizational
> Learning.

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