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Roxanne Abbas (
Sun, 18 May 97 07:33:26 PDT

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I would also be very interested in a reading book, or book club, via the
net and have some thoughts as to how we might do this within the LO as
Rick suggests. It seems to me that interested persons might volunteer to
lead a discussion of a particular book of broad interest. Then the leader
could set up a schedule for reading and discussing either the entire book
or chapter by chapter for more weighty works. The leader might plan some
discussion questions and then sit back and see where the discussion goes.
The leader might also do some additional research on the author, subject,
etc. I think this could be a wonderful way to get more out of the book
than reading on one's own would offer. Count me in!

[Host's Note: Roxanne's suggestion sounds good to me... I'll be delighted
to see this occur on the LO list, provided that the topic can be
reasonably linked to org learning. ..Rick]


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