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Thu, 15 May 97 12:29:56 PDT

How can an organization help employees better understand the economics of
their job? Since the industrial age, people have been *slotted* into jobs
and asked to do what they are assigned. With work repidly changing,
employees are asked to work outside their normal boundaries of a job
description. With employees asked to *get done whatever work needs to get
done*, the measurement of an employee's effectiveness is changing. Many
organizations are looking for ways to improve their return on investment
in human capital.

Part of this challenge also rests with employees. One company I work with
want employees to develop a better understanding of the financial impact
that they have on the organization. This might come in the form of 1)
generating revenue, 2)cost savings, and 3) providing a more valued service
than the company could purchase through outsourcing. In other words, they
believe that their employees are all becoming internal consultants.

What methods have others used to create this awareness among their staff?
Have any of you done any work on this topic? or do you know of anyone who
has? or any journal articles or research? Thanks for any help you can

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