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Michael, On how to answer the "bottom-line" question, particularly when
the charge is "show me the money,", I think of at least two responses.
First, no one really functions on that level. Everyone performs tasks
which have no demonstrable connection to a financial profit. If that was
all that mattered, then they would act differently, I believe. Second,
everyone defines that bottom-line differently, even when they use numbers.
I'd be surprised if even all supervisors and managers accept projections
for improvement uncritically.

Unfortunately, I can't answer you specific question because organizations
are complex organism, with many factors contributing to the bottom-line
which are difficult to trace. If only life were so simple.

Warm regards,
Ed Brenegar

On Tue, 13 May 1997 wrote:

> I find myself in a quandary. We have built a Systems Thinking workshop
> and conducted it, say, a dozen or more times.

[...snip by your host...]

> But lately we have begun to get questions along the lines of, 'Well, this
> was certainly enjoyable but my manager will never buy this unless I can
> show some hard dollar returns. I have to show some tangible benefit.
> Have you got any examples where you can demonstrate that engaging in a
> systems thinking effort to examine a complex problem has resulted in clear
> dollar savings?'


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