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Fri, 16 May 1997 11:17:00 -0400

Hi! My name is Judy Hodge, Manager of Client Services at Innovation
Associates. Rick Karash has invited me to list Innovation Associates'
public course offerings here on the LO list.

At Innovation Associates, we've been helping leading organizations
discover new business opportunities while simultaneously increasing the
capacity to learn, innovate, and grow. Our methods offer the practical
means for executives and managers to improve the soft side of their
business while producing concrete business results.

I would like to invite you and your teams to join us for one of our
upcoming Public Learning Programs. Innovation Associates will offer the
following workshops through 1997:

May 27-29, Toronto; July 9-11, San Francisco
October 8-10, Boston; November 5-7, Dallas; December 2-4, Toronto

Leadership & Mastery is especially relevant for senior managers in
fast growing or highly competitive industries, and for managers in
companies that have downsized, merged or reengineered. In this
transformational program, you,ll develop the intuitive and analytic
learning tools that enable you to pull your organization toward a
realizable vision of the future.

June 24-26, Boston; July 29-31, San Francisco; August 13-15,
September 23-25, Boston; October 21-23, Atlanta; October 28-30,
November 18-20, Denver; December 9-11, Boston

In Leading Learning Organizations, you will discover how to move your
team and your organization toward new, more innovative ways of
working, by creating an environment in which people work collectively
to create the results they most want. You,ll gain hands-on experience
with the five disciplines of organizational learning-- and also learn
how to create highly resourceful learning teams.

June 10-12, Toronto; June 17-19, Boston; July 15-17, Seattle;
August 5-7, Boston; September 10-12, Chicago; October 28-30, Boston;
November 11-13, San Francisco; November 18-20, Toronto; December 2-4,

Systems Thinking enables you and your team to develop a new and more
valid context for business decision making. It heightens awareness
that everyone is, in fact, part of a large, complex and thoroughly
interrelated system of operating processes. The result is that you
stop making decisions that unknowingly slow you down. And start seeing
a full range of options for improving the "whole".

To register for a program, or to receive more information, visit our
website at or contact Denise Tisei at
<> or call 617-398-8500.


Posted by: Denise Tisei

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